How to confirm your FUTO Admission status;You may even have gotten without knowing

So you heard that Futo has released her admission list for the session,you immediately went to check your Admission status on jamb website and you got the message “sorry,No admission given yet”

                  jamb website
But did you check your admission status on Futo’s website? I guess not
Do you know that you may have been given admission on futo website but it may take a little time,sometimes a long time before it reflects on jamb website?
So to be really sure,its advisable to check both futo and jamb website for admission status…

This is what to do to be 100% sure of your admission status and know what’s next for you…

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Futo aspirants should read this FUTO accommodation tips and recommendations

  • Go to Futo website page for checking undergraduate admission status here  
  • Input your Jamb REG. number and click NEXT
  • If you have gotten admission,congratulations you will get a message like this

Dear Aspirants,If you haven’t gotten admission,don’t get frustrated but keep praying as some people get late admission and u might just be lucky.
Congratulations to Newly admitted students!!

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  1. I heard eng101 and chm101 is hard is it true?

  2. Please when will u start posting assignment answers:)

  3. Once school resumes and Lecture starts

  4. No dear,people are getting A's in those courses…Seriousness and Determination matters

  5. I always get invalid reg. Number wen I type ma utme reg. Number into futo website. How do I go.about it

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