DELSU has caught 226 Cultists in the Institution,Freshers be careful!!!

Authorities of DELTA state University has Identified 226 cultists in the school premises and uses this medium to warn Freshers to shun away from cultism.

 The Vice chancellor gave this warning to the Freshers during the Schools’s Matriculation Ceremony,stating that Expulsion is the Consequence for such Deadly actions.

See his his other warnings below

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He said, “While the university is diligent in its academic work, it is important that the matriculating students should strive to avoid being captives of social network media and other vices that will jeopardize their future.
“I learnt cultists from other tertiary institutions across the country were planning to invade DELSU with the sole aim of recruiting unsuspecting students of this institution into various cult groups.
“As part of their initiation rituals, would-be members are subjected to all kinds of degrading and abusive activities, which includes rape, drinking of all manners of concoctions and taking blood oaths.
“A recent case was the one involving a newly admitted 100 level female student who was deceived by a fellow friend to attend a party, only to be gang rape by four male students as part of the initiation rites.”
Peromode further said, “We have also discovered that some registered students associations have been infiltrated by cultists who use bodies as a cover-up for pursuing vendetta against their perceived opponents.
“Our searchlight is beamed on all these organisations with the aim of flushing out the miscreants, as for the alleged cultists, the school authorities are handling the issues and will leave no stone unturned to deal with any student found to be a cultist or member of any cult group.”
The vice chancellor urged the matriculating students to shun all forms of vices that will jeopardise the completion of their studies and the attainment of their live dreams.


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