FUTO Eng103 tutorial: Dimension lines

In engineering drawing, dimension lines are what we use to give details about a particular drawing. It is the only way fellow craftsmen understand the information in a particular drawing.
No drawing is complete without dimension lines.

Let’s take for instance you draw a regular square which has all four sides equal,and let’s say a side is 40mm~4cm, you can’t just write 40mm besides the lines as its not acceptable. The only way to show the length of the line, is to put a dimension line.

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Rules of Dimensioning

1) there is no specific distance of the dimension lines from the drawing, but the dimension line can be10mm from the drawing.
2) Dimension lines must contain a shaded arrow head

3) Not all part of a drawing must be dimensioned. E.g in a square, with all sides being equal, only one part should be dimensioned, also in a rectangle with two equal parts, only one of the equal parts should be dimensioned.
4) Dimension lines are thin continuous lines and must not be thick.
5) Dimension lines are in mm.
6) The shaded arrow head must not be too big or too small, just moderate.
7) Dimension lines with the specific length must be drawn with a pencil and not with a biro/pen. I only drew mine with a pen so you could see it clearly.
8)the measurements of line must be adjacent to the line. (see it in the pictures below ) 
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