FUTO Eng103 tutorial: How to draw a title block

A title block it the first thing you need on your drawing sheet after your border lines.
Students find it really hard to draw a FUTO standard title block which attracts a lot of Marks in the examination.
Engr Okafor especially doesn’t joke with title blocks, can you imagine he gave us 36 title blocks to draw last year First semester, I’ll find mine and post it up.
So in this post, I’ll teach how to draw a standard title block. 
1) You need to first draw your border lines with dimension of 0.5-0.8cm away from the edge of the drawing sheet, although, some people use 1.0cm
2)place your ruler at the lower right end of your sheet and measure 46mm upward(vertical height) and Mark it with a little dot.
3)place your ruler at the horizontal line of the border line and measure horizontal length of 150mm~15cm and Mark it with a dot.
4) Then get your tee-square and place it so the ruler part touches the horizontal dot and draw a thin(faint) line upward.
5) also place your tee-square at the vertical dot and draw a line to join the horizontal line.
6) Make both the horizontal and vertical line to be thick after they touch.
7) You then need to divide the 46mm block height into sections, the first being 10mm and the others being 0.6mm. The first one contains your school name which is FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY OWERRI but you can shorten the TECHNOLOGY to TECH so as to manage the space. The school name section is 10mm height. See it in the picture.
8)the second section contains the title of the drawing, the title can be Assignment, Test, Examination depending on the drawings given.
9)the third section is ‘Drawn by’ where you write your full name, starting with your surname.
10)The fourth section is department where you write your department name.
11) the fifth is ‘course code’ where you specify if it is Eng101,103 e.t.c
12) the sixth section is ‘checked by’ where you write your lecturer’s full name E.g Engr. Okafor V.C
13) The seventh section is the scale of the drawing, when no other reducing or enlarging scales are used, put 1:1 there
Also on this section you will put the date of the drawing, see it in the picture.
You need to draw thin vertical lines of 0.1cm beneath and above each section  lines (very important)
NOTE: 10mm = 1cm
            Your title block must be neat.
            Your writings must be in capital letter
            Your thin lines must be visible and clean
Was this free tutorial helpful?  If yes please let us know through the comment box.
More tutorials are going to be posted so do check back everyday. Also, tell your course mates and friends about this.



  1. Wow, OK I'm going to try this now and get back to you

  2. Yes it is very helpful….u have saved me the stress of looking for how to draw it

  3. Glad you like it, do come back for more tutorials

  4. Obere_King says:

    Oscarlee, the boss. You are too good. Like the way u role. Wish to meet you someday

  5. Wow! I never a site like this exist

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