How to get correct Traffic(Pageview) of your blogspot blog using Google Analytics

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How to get correct Traffic(Pageview) of your blogspot
When I was carrying out some research a while ago,I found out on a website that Blogger stat(Pageview) sometimes are not accurate,Not That they give wrong value please,but the value most times is more than the actual traffic for the days and sometimes its actually less.I noticed this on this blog when Blogger stat were giving me a slight difference in my pageview value..In this Post,I’ll explain how you can use google Analytics to get the correct and exact pageview/traffic..Even if not 100% Accurate,at least 99.9%


1.Firstly,You need a Google analytics account…If you don’t have, Visit and sign up
2.Once you sign up and Login,click on ‘Admin’ at the top..see the screen shot below

3.Then click on ‘Tracking Info’ as seen in the screen shot below
4.Then click on Tracking code in the drop down menu shown once you click on Tracking Info 
5.Then look for Your Tracking ID
That’s my Tracking ID So I had to protect it.
6. Copy the code and keep it Safe 


1. Go to your blogger Dashboard The usual way
2.Click on settings >>>others >>>Google Analytics as seen in The screenshot Below.
3.Input your Tracking Code then save!
You will see a difference in your traffic between your Google Analytics Dashboard and Your Blogger Dashboard..
I also Recommend You download The App on your smartphone to use on the go! I use the app and I’m really loving it.
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 Hope this post was Helpful
Happy Blogging!


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