Get Your Payoneer Card Delivered to Your Doorstep Today

Payoneer Is a company That takes Your Finances to a New Level,Imagine Having  a Card that you can use to receive Payments In Foreign currencies,purchase online and in stores, or withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.

You can Link it to Your Paypal account and withdraw with the Card.

How To Get Yours

  • Go to and Sign Up for a Free Account
  • Fill in All Details Like Name,Address,Date of Birth e.t.c You need to be atleast 18 years old to Apply.
  • You would Also need to Have Either a National ID,PASSPORT or Drivers License as some Details would be Needed.
  • The Address earlier entered would Be the shipping Address,But can be changed by clicking Entering Alternate Shipping Address on the Form
  • When Done,Click the ORDER Button

Your Account would Undergo A review,You would be Notified Upon Account Approval.

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Won’t You get Your Payoneer card today?



  1. But i heard that you must have a fiverr account to get a the card?

  2. No you don't. Try get yours today

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