14 Types of People you must come across with in the Nigerian University

Nigeria University admission

1. The Party Promoter
They never stay in school and when they are in school they are wearing party shirts, with flyers and stickers talking about “how far, you dey show my party for Quilox?”

2. The Fashionista
They rate the “best dressed” award over anything else. Living and dressing up for class under the hot sun like its Lagos Fashion Week. Girls in this category make it hard for guys to woo as they become hot and bug chicks.

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3. The Bookworm
These are the people whose parents used to ask them for the remaining two points when they got a 98 on a test. It is 5.0 or nothing. Getting a B is like cancer. What is a C?

4. The Drug Addict
These set of people are always under the influence of something. They spend time playing FIFA or writing lyrics dressed in the same type of attire.

5. The Big Plans Person
These ones have all the plans “When I graduate I’ll start working for Microsoft and buy a Ferrari”, “I’ll open my own clothing line and have stores in VI”. They haven’t done their homework though.

6. The Talkative
Every person on campus runs away from them. Just know it’s going to be a 10-hour gist session when they enter your room. Time wasters.

7. The Kleptomaniac
These people are magnets. They can steal anything from your underwear to your shirts and skirts or even your eyeballs if you’re not careful.

8. The Money Borrower
Their favorite tagline is “I need one huge favor” once you hear this. They are about to tell you how they need N15k to complete their school fees… Where do they do that at?

9. The Serial Cheater
Never reads for exams, but shows up to the hall first to select seats. You don’t want to seat beside them in an exam. “How far that number 1 – 4 theory and like 10 OBJ questions”.

10. The Jesus Disciple
These people can be a pain sometimes, they feel they are perfect. And you must be perfect, if not you are the devil.

11. The Library Addict
Their everyday typical conversations are cut short with: “I’m going to the library”, “I dey go jack”. They study more than the teachers actually.

12. The Seller
Aka lifesavers, they have everything for sale; sardines, milk, cold water, recharge cards, bathing soap, suya, cars, houses right there in the hostel. Just ask they have it.

13. The Photographer
In the classroom? Nah. Studying? Nope. Educational Activities? No. Photoshoot? Yes. They never leave their cameras and always emphasize they are photographers and the equipment they have.

14. The Students Rights Activist
They are the ones that fight for anything that comes up. No water in the morning, increased prices of textbooks/handouts, they almost always have their way.

 Source: NUC

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