Armed robbery attack In FUTO (Eziobodo) off campus Area

Robbery incidents in futo

A Popular Lodge in Futo, Senetorial lodge at Eziobodo was robbed yesterday March 25th 2016 at 9pm.
 According to the information we gathered, the robbers stormed the lodge at around 9:16 pm with 3 motorbikes.

They were 6 in number and were armed to the teeth.
Information from observers and victims was that the armed robbers surrounded the lodge guised as MOPOL. They forced students to open their doors by pretending to be the Mobile Police. A lot of the occupants were beaten, slapped and in general, harassed.

“They beat my roomy to stupor, but I was able to escape. He was seriously injured and bled profusely. As I speak, he’s been taken to medicals for treatment. It was really gruesome”, an occupant on the first floor told FUTO SIREN. “I could see some of them, they were very hefty. One had a red jacket and the rest wore dark tops”, another occupant said.

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We also gathered that close to all the rooms on the ground floor were robbed and not all on the first floor. The robbers made away with a lot of laptops, tablets & phones.
Even though a lot of occupants were harassed and beaten, only one sustained serious injuries. •More details on the story would be upload soonest.

 Source: Futo Siren

 This simply proves that Eziobodo is not even safe, as people really feel protected there maybe due to the ever busy Nature of the area when compared to the lonely and quiet Nature of Umuchima.

 We can only ask for God’s protection.

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