Ghastly motor accident today In FUTO

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Just about noon today, there was a motor accident, which if not by luck, would have claimed the Life of two futo students.

This was what happened;

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Two students were walking along the walkway on the bridge leading to ‘Diamond Bank’, ‘obinze’ and ‘Futo Senate building’, before a car on high speed was trying to turn, to join the bridge, lost control, maybe due to lack of experience which made the car hit them, they fell from the bridge, but luckily, they didn’t fall on the tarred road but on the sandy sloppy part. which would have led to another story entirely, especially if a vehicle was coming through.

They both sustained dislocation and were immediately taken to the futo medical centre for immediate attention. went there immediately this happened, and the car was bringing out smoke and some fire which were immediately stopped.

To watch the video, click Here

or watch it here below


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