UNILAG’s 5.0 CGPA student can’t afford his rent, Dencia comes to his Aide

Ayodele Dada daniel
So after 54 years, the only student to have a perfect CGPA of 5.0 in Nigeria,Ayodele Daniel Dada, apart from recognition and all that, is struggling to pay his house rent.
Don’t you think he should have gotten endorsement deals from scholarship boards, maybe an endorsement deal from global brands, a brand new house from the Federal ministry of Education and other goodies as encouragement and motivation to all students? Well, he hasn’t gotten any. But luckily for him, Dencia has come to his aide and agrees to pay his rent. You can see the tweet in the photo above. 

Funny enough, Dencia is not even related to the education sector, she has a bleaching cream whitenicious. But decided to assist Him.

Hope she finally helps him though.

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