University students medical training period extended to 10years

Professor Julius Okojie, the secretary of the National University commission(NUC)said in a bid to further prepare the students psychologically for the challenges which the profession entails, all medical student in any Nigerian university will now have to spend at least ten years in the university.

Professor Okojie during his speech at the matriculation and inauguration of the University of Medical Science, Ondo, Ondo state, made known that the 2015 document for the training of medical students explained how this will be achieved.

The 2015 document for the training stipulated that the medical students would spend the first four years in studying basic sciences in university after which they would proceed to the medical school to spend another seven years.

During the NUC scribe’s lecture titled ‘Development of Medical Education : Prospects and Challenges‘, which was delivered by the deputy, Professor Chiedu Mafiana,it was made known that this development was imperative in order to enable the students mature for the profession.

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