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High Rate of Robbery Incidents in Nigeria Universities

Nigeria University security
CHANGE Is something we've been experiencing for a while now, some say it's End time change while some say it's because of Buhari's Administration.

There's lot of Robbery Incidents happening in the country which now affects we Nigerian Students, I personally don't feel secured when I close my eyes to sleep.

 See what a Facebook users posted about her school ;FUNAAB.
"Good Morning,
For a while now, we have had incidents of robbery in my school. The robbers have been operating since resumption (Jan 30) and have stolen items worth over 15 million over their numerous operations. None of them have been caught.
I have a test tomorrow and my original plan was to eat and read OUTSIDE my room (There's no light and my room is hot ;especially at night) with the notes on my phone. It didn't work that way.
After eating, I just felt too tired to read so, i decided to lock my door and sleep.
Fast forward 30 minutes from the time i slept, my hostel was in disarray, over 7 laptops(2 from final year students that had their project work on them), 10 expensive phones and some money were gone and the police were in the hostel. Apparently, my hostel had been robbed!
The rooms the robbers couldn't access through the door, they went in through the ceiling. They didn't come near me. I slept through the storm. I thank God.
This is my "light" experience, what about the numerous "heavy" ones i know nothing about?
Security in my school, FUNAAB is practically non existent, only God secures our lives.
Please we need to protest against this shit!
FUNAAB is supposed to be the most secure area in Abeokuta but reverse is the case. How would we have had over 18 confirmed cases of armed robbery in a Federal University over the past few months and not one robber have been caught.
Is it Until when some unfortunate person looses his/her life?
We need to protest against this shit!!
FUNAABites why una dey dull?
Where is the SUG on this?
Where is the School Security on this?
What's the VC's take on this?
We need to protest against this shit!!!
Please forward this message with your signature if you support this movement.
God help us all"
For sure, not only FUNAAB experience such, happens very well in Futo and other institutions.

Not quite long ago, about three lodges were robbed in Eziobodo and some in Umuchima, right here in FUTO

So what can be done? I think the security measures should be beefed up and student should take more preventive measures
but last last, na God Dey protect person! 😇

Use this platform to speak about the security challenges in your institution, using the comment box below.

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