The Good side of being taught by Engr. V.C Okafor in Eng103 and 104

Engineering okafor vc

Engineering Drawing Last year, almost made me Hate Futo. Just Imagine Having classes every Friday and Saturday which were very important as attendance was compulsory. We would start the Friday classes after school around 3pm and would be on till around 6pm,after going home with the whole stress, we’d still have it in mind that another Pre-Lab class would still hold the next day, being Saturday in the morning hours, around 9am till 1-2pm sometimes later than that.

We were going through all these stress just for a 1 unit course, having sleepless nights doing assignments and forgetting the important 4 units courses. I vividly remember the day I stayed up all night doing my 5 years back assignment as we were to submit it the following day, it wasn’t funny trust me.

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So after doing more than 15 assignments each with more than 5 questions, a 36 title block, 5 years past exam questions and other exercises, believe me, Eng103 exam wasn’t hard for me as we all know that FUTO repeat exam questions well. So some of the questions were given to us back in the exam, some the exact way while some with some change in the dimensions.

The title block was even the easiest part which didn’t take me up to 5 seconds to finish Lol… But the exam wasn’t hard as he taught us to perfection, kind of.

After Eng103, came 104 which still brought about enough stress,but this time, the Pre-Lab classes were Fridays for some groups and Saturday for the other groups, but people actually felt relentless in this course maybe Because It was second semester with all the Freshers Night parties, borne fire night, election and the rest, I even wonder while most of these happened this first semester though.

Now, we just wrote our Eng201 exam today and to be honest, for this semester I wasn’t serious with this course for a bit, attended the class just twice at Hall of Mercy and Found out that no Attendance was  taken, and was even taught by Pa-chin-chin and not the lecturer, so I was just busy doing the few assignments given this semester

So Finally, I’ll have to say I appreciate Engr Okafor’s stress, not that I pray to experience it again, but how good in Engr Drawing his stress made me.

Today’s exam was fair enough, and we thank God…

I wish you all success in your exams.

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