How to Chat with Diamond Bank Customer Care Centre with your Mobile Phone

Chat with Diamond Bank agent

 Despite our Busy Daily schedule, we sometimes need to visit the Bank for some things rather than withdrawal. Such as BVN issues, Customer care Consultation and others.

You can Now do almost everything online at the Comfort of your Home by using the Diamond Mobile App on your Phone.

Here are some Features of the Updated Diamond App.

  • You can Now select your Country when Logging in on the App
  • You can Get your BVN Number and other BVN Related setup
  • You can change your Withdrawal Limit
  • You can Chat with their Customer care Unit, available 24/7

When I saw the Chat Feature, I decided to give it a try. It was about 1:18 am  in the morning and someone was online to attend to Me.

New update to Diamond bank mobile app

 With this Chat Feature which I love most about the New App update, we can chat about all the Issues we face and Get Quick response, If need be, then we can visit the Branch for more clarification or Documentation.

To Download the Updated version, visit the (Google Play store, App store, Blackberry world etc) Depending on your Device , then search for ‘Diamond Bank mobile App’ and Download.

This Info may be old to some people but I Hope others Find this Helpful.

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  1. I had 12,000 in my account and someone sent 5000 to me,making the money 17,000 but wen i went to withdraw 5000,i decided to check my balance bcos i havnt gotten any alert nd wot i saw was 11,777 naira instead of 12000.
    I got d alert and the total sum was 17000,i withdrew d 5000 nd i was also debited 6000.u can get back to me through my mail address (

  2. Pls any time i use my diamond atm card any where ur bank always debit me without given me money, same thing happened today i tried to use my atm card at a paga office i was debited without given money.pls help me to refund me money back.

  3. How much do I need to obtained my tax identification number please

  4. Pls I need to update my account by changing my surname because am married now

  5. I opened an account with Diamond Bank for almost a month now but they have not send the account Details for me and I don't know what to do



  7. Enter your comment…I need a pin or id username to be transfer on my phone

  8. I don't understand the balance on my kids account. Diamond bank is seriously cutting my kids money

  9. Enter your comment…I need a pin or id username to be transfer on my phone

  10. how do I check my normal diamond account balance

  11. Enter your comment…I saw a refund credit alert on my phone and I don't know what it means,did the bank borrow money from my account without letting me know and later pay back,what does it mean please

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