How to Send SMS to Friends through Facebook Messenger Android App


 Facebook Has Once Again released another Feature to the Messenger App for Android which is support for SMS. You’ll now be able to send and receive SMS text messages from the app once You set it as your default SMS app.

Once you turn on the feature, your Facebook Messenger communications will remain blue, while SMS messages will show up in purple.(See in the Picture)

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SMS in Messenger supports text, video, Images, Audio, as well as Emojis, stickers, and Location sharing. Your SMS conversations will NOT be uploaded to Facebook servers, and all the messages are (obviously) sent through the traditional SMS/MMS channels from your carrier (MTN,AIRTEL,GLO etc)

To set this up, go to Settings (the person icon) in Facebook Messenger >> tap on SMS in the list, and then turn on “Default SMS App”. That’s all.

This feature might take a while to reach all Facebook Messenger users on Android. If you Don’t have the app just yet, you can Get the Download it on GOOGLE Playstore HERE

Will you Rock this Feature or stick to the Normal Default SMS Method? Lets Hear from you!

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