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My Lucky Zone Review with tips - Get Free Airtime and cash!


 Since I found out about the Sliide Airtime App, I used it to get free Airtime to cover my Data subscription cost, but since I couldn't pay out my Airtime the last time, I had to look for a Better Alternative, talked to a Facebook friend who introduced me to My Lucky Zone and he cashed out N12,000 last week ($50 Approx.). How did he Achieve this? By browsing some sites and getting points and by Getting Referrals.

It's more or Less like an Advertising Platform which gives people points based on time spent on Advertiser's site, Advertiser's vary right From MTN, Dealdey, Konga, Mp3 Download sites and the rest . Even some Blogs use this Platform mainly to Increase Traffic and Awareness.

So it works this way, most Advertisers bid higher points that you gain depending on how Long you spend on their sites. You then convert the Points to Airtime or Cash paid to your Bank Account.

There are Different Ways to Earn From My Lucky Zone;

PRODUCTS BIDDING: This is just like a Raffle Draw, you place a Bid on a product (The Bid Cost is Fixed), a Fixed Date and time would be Fixed, if You're Lucky Enough and win, the Item would be shipped to your Home Address, However if you lose, the Point would be Refunded when you gain the same amount you bidded.

Free Airtime and cash in Nigeria

PRODUCTS AUCTION: This is Strictly 'Highest Bidder Gets the Product', you need to see the Million points Bidder for some Items, however there's a Deadline for Bidding.

REFERRALS: The More Referrals you Get, the more Amount you Get when you pay out.  5 Referrals makes you a Silver Elite, 15 Referrals makes you a Gold Elite while 25 Referrals makes you a Platinum Elite.

  1. Visit their website 
  2. Sign up by Entering your Correct contact Information
  3. A confirmation Mail would be sent to your Registration E-mail
  4. You Need to go to the mail, click on the Confirmation Link to activate your Account. 
  5. Once your account has been confirmed, you'll Sign in and find your Free 500 points. 

If you plan to work with a PC, you'll need to Install a Safe Plug in on your Browser (Chrome preferably) and start Earning
If you plan to work with Your smartphone, you'll Need to Install the App on Google play store, just search for 'My Lucky Zone' and Download  (Size: 2.2MB)

When you want to Earn Points, you should Browse on sites with Highest points Bid, you Earn more points the longer you spend on such sites. See screenshot Below.

  • For Products Auctioning, the Best way to Get the Product is by waiting patiently till midnight of the Deadline and place an Higher Bid. For example, If a Particular product Auction would expire on June 30, just wait Patiently till about 11.58 and Place an Higher Bid, because placing it at an earlier time, would only compell someone else to Place an Higher Amount and get the Product. Nice right?
  • I tried staying on a site for Just too long and was given the Alert 'There's a specific time to spend on a site and you've Exceeded blah blah blah' and I wasn't given any points, so it's Advisable you spend a maximum of 5-7 minutes on a particular site.
    Go Ahead and start Getting free Airtime and cash from My Lucky Zone. Have any questions? Drop them as comments Below!

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