NAIRAPP Review – Best Adsense Alternative to increase site Earnings

Best Ads Network company

 What’s better than Doing what you Love and Enjoy but still get Paid for it? No matter how passionate you are about Blogging, you would want to create an Income stream.

We all know about Google Adsense which is said to be the best Ads PPC company but do they favour you? Having an Approved Adsense account gets More Difficult Daily with Account Ban at an highly Increased rate.

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But Guess what, I’m about to tell you about an Ad company that can sky rocket your site’s earnings and I take them as Adsense Best Alternative so far…

NAIRAPP is an Ad network that gives both CPM and CPC feature for each banner at a fixed rate, this means that your Earnings can be easily calculated. They pay N10 per click and N10 per 1000 impression (per 1000 times an Advert banner is viewed) with their payment threshold of just N3,000 which will be paid directly to your Bank Account. And guess what? They promised to Increase this Rate as time goes on 🙂

Let’s do some little calculation.

For instance, your site generates 50 ads click per day = 50 x N10 = N500
                      your site generates 10,000 pageviews per day =10 x N10 = N100

therefore, making your Daily earnings amount to N600 and In just a week, you would hit N4,200 and receive payment right to your Bank account through wire transfer.

But Guess what, this isn’t the only way to earn *winks*

You get 50% of your Referral earnings, this simply means that you get half of what your Referrals Earns so if your referral Earns 3,000 in a week, you get paid 1,500 as the Referrer…Sign up Here

So all you have to do is persuade all your Friends to try Nairapp using your Link and get paid when you both Earn!


Approval is Fast and easy, just Sign up by visiting their site and start earning by placing the the Ads Code on your site and yes, they are my Best Adsense Alternative so far!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just hope.. I'll give them a trial

  2. I love Nairapp but they are a big fuck up to Nigerians

  3. Wow Thanks to the admin.
    Actually I've been looking for this and thank God I find it here. I promise to share.
    Legendbaze ~ Technology

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