JAMB 2016-2020 Admission Letter printing Guidelines and Instructions


 A lot of Candidates who have gotten Admission from their various Institutions but haven’t gotten on JAMB website have Laid a lot of complaints, with some thinking their Admission is fake.

Candidates have asked questions like 

My name is on the admission list published on FUTO’s website, but my Admission status on JAMB website says No Admission Offered Yet, does it mean my admission is fake?’

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We want to Assure you that your Admission is Authentic even when it hasn’t reflected on jamb’s website, so kindly beware of Scammers who would tell you otherwise just to Extort money from you.

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These Are some Points to Give you Assurance. 

1) Ideally, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) had sole responsibility to determine who was admitted into any higher institution in Nigeria, but now, the schools actually has the final say on who gets admitted, and thus is the only place you can really get help whenever you have trouble with your admission

2) JAMB does not Determine Admission Qualifications for Candidates, excepts the school Approves such through the post UTME tests. In other words, Admission lists before getting on Jamb’s website, has to be Approved by the School.

3) If you get the “no admission offered yet” response on JAMB website when your name has actually appeared on your school’s admission list, it’s simply because JAMB is yet to update their database with your details or due to some errors while processing your information which will definitely be sorted out through your school.
In the case of double admission (I.e. Candidates admitted into two different institutions), Such candidates need to reject the less preferred admission and accept the more preferred one by following the instructions supplied by the schools for such cases.

4) Many schools actually do not compulsorily ask for the admission letter printed from JAMB website before admitted candidates can be accepted to the school. Some schools even issue the admission letter themselves.
Therefore, whenever your name appears on your school of choice’ admission list, we advice you get to the school first, then follow the instructions outlined there (and no where else) to accept your admission and proceed with your registration.

Steps To Print Out Your 2016-2020 JAMB Admission Letter:

You can get the original JAMB issued admission letter by following the simple steps outlined below;

  1. Check your admission status on JAMB website to confirm that your admission letter is ready. If you get a congratulatory message and the details on the admission notification page are correct, proceed to STEP 2 If not, proceed to your school’s admission unit to lay a complaint.
  2. Visit the JAMB UTME post registration e-facilities website:http://jamb.org.ng/adminprinting.htm.
  3. You shall be required to create a profile via the Sign Up (New User) Page if you are a new user. For existing users, simply type in your login details. To create your profile, you will provide your valid email address, surname, first name, Mobile No, State and LGA of Origin and password, then click on the Sign Up button. Each candidate is entitled to only one profile.
  4. Subsequently, you shall use your email address and Password to Sign In
  5. Once logged in, you will be taken to the landing page where you will see all available services.
  6. Select “Print Admission Letter”. This is available on the side bar or on the Home page
  7. Once you select this service, a Transaction ID is generated for this service. This will be displayed on the confirmation page screen.
  8. Review the details displayed on the Confirmation Page. Also, note the Transaction ID displayed in bold in red. The Transaction ID is useful for all future references concerning the Transaction. A copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address.
  9. Click on the Continue button if you wish to pay with your card immediately. If you wish to use other payment channels like ATM, Cash at the Bank and Quickteller, please note the transaction ID as it will be required.
  10. On the Interswitch Payment page, enter your card details and click on the Pay button.
  11. The status of your payment will be displayed on the “My Payment Section” An SMS and email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you after payment. Click on the Continue button.
  12. Once payment is completed, you will be asked to provide the following: a. Year of Exam and b. JAMB Registration Number
  13. After entering the information correctly, you can now print the Result Slip as shown on screen.

IMPORTANT: Print in “colour” and keep the document together with the scratch card in a safe place.

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