Good News: MMM Nigeria is back today, you can GH Now


Right from December 13th, 2017 the exact day we got the heart breaking news about the freezing of MMM mavros for one month, there had been speculations that the Ponzi scheme had crashed. People almost gave up sanity with the fact that they Invested literally everything they had into the system so as to get a very high Profit.

According to the Dec 13th update, unfreezing was set to occur on the 14th day of January 2017 being tomorrow. But something spectacular is happening, Mavros have started being unfreezed right from today and participants have started to Request help.

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MMM Nigeria has since been trending on Twitter where someone posted the screenshot below as a Proof of ability to Request for Help (GH).

Although, some participants are still unable to Request Help, this is simply because it’s based on the time you provided help. Which means that those who provided help earlier before the freezing would definitely get help Earlier now. Another information from a Reliable source is that only the lesser GH amounts, are being matched for now.



  1. To all MMM members who contributed above 150,000 naira, and now find it difficult to get help should please call MMM help center with the following number 08158826526 for a new method to withdraw there money. thanks for your understanding.

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