FUTO Solution to Not Being Able to Pay 2017/18 School Fees On the Portal

Futo portal school fees payment solution

FUTO Portal isn’t Allowing Online School Fees Payment, and the Solution

The most recent Update in Federal University of Technology (Futo) concerning School fees payment is that Failure to pay up before the portal is eventually closed would attract a late payment fee, or a forfeit of the current Academic year.

With this warning alarm, students have been trying their best to pay up, and you know what that simply means; Crowd in banks. And for those who chose to pay online, there’s one annoying issue with the Portal.

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After logging In and moving down to generating the Remita invoice and about to pay through online means, the Scroll down button eventually stops. What I mean is that after selecting Payment method (Mastercard, Visa, etc.), one won’t be able to scroll down further to Input Payment details. If you experienced this, then the solution is just below.


  • After selecting your Payment method (e,g, Visa)
  • Scroll down to the part where it stops
  • Hit the Tab Key on your Keyboard
  • Then It would move down to allow further input

NOTE: The Tab Key is just Above the caps lock Key on your PC Keyboard.

And that’s it! You would be able to pay and save yourself the hassle of struggling at the bank.

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NOTE: The deadline for Payment and course registration is February 15th, 2018, so do yourself a favor and Pay before then.



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