7 Reasons Inspiration Matters to Writers

     What is inspiration itself? It is some unexplainable force that appears from nowhere and disappears sooner than you can realize it, but despite the unexplainable character of this phenomenon, it is exactly what gets us moving towards our goals. No matter if you are a marketing specialist, model or a businessman – inspiration […]

My Experience with Adclickmedia.com and why you should Avoid them

 When I opened this blog in November 2015, I never knew how bloggers made their money, I just felt good when I was getting traffic and comments. I started visiting tutorial blogs like ogbongeblog.com where I understood what blog monetization was all about including Adsense. I didn’t apply for adsense at that time but I […]

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Casi’s Blog Casisblog.com(keeping everyone updated) is a general News, Entertainment, Sports,and lifestyles oriented web-platform. We are striving to develop an innovative and generally accepted web-service sustained through direct advertising and to make citizens life better with the internet,to keep the masses informed, educated, entertained and allow the freedom of expression of opinion. Casisblog.com is located […]

Easiest Way to EARN From your BLOG even while Asleep with ADLOFT

 Most Blog Readers just visit, Read your post and leave and maybe only Few of them Drop comments. For real, People don’t Notice Ads Banners on site and Eventually you’ll get no Clicks or very little clicks irrespective of your Blog Traffic Daily. Adloft Logo Finally, I’ve found the Best Ads Network so far that […]

Get your Payoneer card anywhere in Nigeria within 2 weeks with extra $25.

 If you’re a Nigerian Reading this and you aren’t Familiar with Payoneer, Read these 3 posts Here, Here and Here A lot of people have Laid complaint regarding their payoneer card not coming to their post Office or house address even after so many months after Request. You won’t Believe I got my card within […]

How to setup Facebook page Plugin widget on your Blog

 There’s no Doubt that Facebook is like the Biggest social Media platform with so many people from different parts of the world with different likes and Interest. Also, you’d love your Blog Readers to be from Different countries so as to bring about more exposure and this can be easily achieved through Facebook. A Facebook […]

NAIRAPP Review – Best Adsense Alternative to increase site Earnings

 What’s better than Doing what you Love and Enjoy but still get Paid for it? No matter how passionate you are about Blogging, you would want to create an Income stream. We all know about Google Adsense which is said to be the best Ads PPC company but do they favour you? Having an Approved […]

How to Remove ‘Showing Posts in Label…show all Posts’ in Blogger Label Homepage

Labels are like categories or Folders where we group our posts, like for example, all School related Posts can be in School label,  all Tech News can also be in the Tech label and this post you’re reading now is in the Blogging Tips Label. Labels Don’t only make Navigation easier to your readers, it […]

How to Align Widgets to Center of Gadget and Display Two Ads on the Same Line on Blogspot

By Default, HTML widgets in Blogspot Layout Align to the Left, and if for any reason you want it to align to the center in the Gadget box, you’ll Need to Include the Center tag. For example, Looking at the screenshot above, the Adsense ad was aligned to the center of the Gadget container. In […]

How to Change the Footer Links colour of Ogbonge Blog Template

 If you’re a Nigerian Blogger, you must be Familiar with Ogbonge Template.Ogbonge template is simply the template of a popular Tech Blog in Nigeria. What makes it popular is the way it was designed with HTML codes, CSS and Javascript giving it a unique look both in Desktop and Mobile view. You can check it […]